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Dialect Recordings was created in 2002, accompanied by DJ-sets and appearances on Radio Nova: it marked the end of the “French touch” and the re-invention of electronic music. Boredom was forbidden, breaking old habits was the new rule. Dialect turned toward the future with the creation of the “Il Est Vilaine” project. This duo which began in the indie-dance movement is now following the traces of Kill the DJ or Red Axes. Times change, so does Dialect. Innovation is in the label’s DNA, the lines get blurred. Anything goes: the illustrator Apollo Thomas is taken on as graphic designer, playing in leather biker jackets, using Spanish lyrics to express the craziness of machines. Today Dialect reunites its talents and is looking toward new horizons. A recent project: the soundtrack for the film “Machina” (Simon Says and Apollo). Ideas are tumbling out. The synthesizers are drenched and the dial is turned up a max. The future is looking bright at Dialect.